‘Who is Bharat Mata?’


Bhagat Singh called him ‘a true revolutionary.’ To Tagore, he was ‘greater than his deeds and truer than his surroundings.’ Ten years ago, Global Times chose him and Tagore among 60 foreigners who shaped modern China. Dr Martin Luther King Jr said: ‘In all of these struggles of mankind to rise to a true state of civilization, the towering figure of Nehru sits unseen but felt at all council tables.

Today when the authoritarian demagogues, the strongmen bullies, the mafia masquerading as leaders, the crypto-nazi thugs and the murderous junta have waged a heinous tirade against the liberal ideals and the democratic values that the persona of Nehru epitomised, the man is more relevant and inspiring than ever before. In an article, noted economic and political analyst Mohan Guruswamy has underlined Nehru’s importance and relevance in these words- ‘In recent years, the assault on Nehru’s memory has become vicious. It is led by small men, men who don’t know history… India has weathered worse. We are, after all, the people of India, that is Bharat. And we still live in the house that Nehru built.’

This book consisting of Nehru’s writings and the articles of many prominent figures discussing Nehru is a timely and much-needed collection. Prof Purushottam Agrawal has edited this valuable and important volume. His introduction profoundly underlines Nehru’s significance in our turbulent times as well as pokes us to submerge ourselves in re-discovery of India and the world.

Who is Bharat Mata? On History, Culture and the Idea of India: Writings by and On Jawaharlal Nehru

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हिंदी संस्करण यहाँ से ख़रीदें: आमेज़न

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  1. Bharat Mata is a seed bowed in the minds of we Indians by politicians to entangle in it. And in this modi era, it has been proved

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